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Traditional Chraime recipe (100% Vegan)

When you make chraime – You make A LOT!

The leftover sauce can be frozen and ready to use when there are 13 starving guests!
Or, you can eat it bit by bit, Give some to your neighbors, your friends, let them enjoy with you.

Get the recipe for Nanuchka’s glorious Chraime:

Drain tofu (4Kg) – then chop in a food processor
Cilantro – chopped Thin In a food processor
3 hot green peppers – chopped in a food processor
Add corn oil (1 cup corn oil per Kg of Tofu)
Cup flour
Knead the mass

Make a palm-sized patties and bake in the oven until they’re ready – be careful not to overcook or burn them!
Chraime Sauce for the same amount of patties (4 Kg of tofu)

6 liters of chopped red bell pepper into thin strips (without the white part of red pepper)

4 hot green peppers chopped into thin strips


Deep frying until reaching full Softening

Add 18-20 cloves of garlic and continue frying for another 10 minutes
Red paprika
Red harissa (1 Box)
3 boxes of fresh crushed tomatoes
A two-hour cooking
Add chickpeas , which soaked in water the night before and cooked to soften
Towards the end, add chopped fresh green coriander
Salt and pepper to taste
Submission – heat the patties in the sauce and don’t forget to leave some for your guests!