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fHOME drink gift per person on all reservations through site

Standard Events & Garden

You can choose out of – Five Fixed price, vegan, menus for colorful, delicious , happy events:

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Menu 1-120 ₪ person

Menu 2-120 ₪ person

Menu 3-180 ₪ person

Menu 4-220 ₪ person

Menu 5-205 ₪ person


*** Nanuchka Restaurant reserves the right to change prices and content ***

  • All menus include VAT and do not include a minimum 16% service
  • The menus do not include hot drinks .
  • After selecting the menu, an agreement will be sent to you, which will summarize the event details, form of payment, number of diners and the technical information. Please fill it carefully, for good measure and the clarity of both parties. Our main goal is that everyone will enjoy and experience Nanuchka restaurant at its best

We will be happy to answer any questions, Nanuchka – 03-5162254